Friday, July 09, 2010

5 Under $55 Bangle Bracelets


Bangle bracelets are fun, flirty and versatile. Available in many widths, styles and materials, they can spruce up a casual look or add sparkle to a dressy one. Wear several thin sterling silver bracelets together or a single stunning diamond and gold bracelet by itself. Here are five different styles we especially like all for under $55 bucks. Which one is your favorite?

Garland Wrap Bracelet

Novica sponsored artist Busarin created the Garland Wrap Bracelet in garnet and dyed quartzite. $48

Bamboo and Leather Bracelet


Brazilian designers J. Vieria and Fernando Magriffi created this Bamboo and Leather Bracelet in the fashion of the Amazonian tribes. Dyed thread and bamboo cylinders are held together with leather borders. $35

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Jewelery designer Neeru Goel shaped this cuff bracelet from sterling silver and three carnelian stones. $55

Sunflower Cubism Bracelet

Hiroshi Kimoto draws his inspiration from cubism for his Sunflower Cubism bracelet. Fashioned from glass cubes and sterling silver. $50

Water Palace sterling silver bracelet

The Water Palace sterling silver bracelet was inspired by the palace baths of Yogyakarta, Java. $50


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