About StylePath

We enable you to find what you love from thousands of sites in under a minute, without wasting your time with irrelevant results. Our technology quickly learns your style and shows you products that match your individual taste.

StylePath casts a wide net, throws back the unappealing items, and leaves you the “keepers.” Our visual search process does away with language, and lets images do the talking.

Shopping for humans by humans! Move over “search bots” — StylePath’s living and breathing design experts scour the web, hand-selecting each of the 200,000+ items featured on our site. Our human touch ensures a level of quality and sophistication “bots” can only dream about.

We get to know you: We learn your preferences in under a minute, and filter our huge selection down to those items you will find appealing. We’re not the only site that makes product recommendations, but we are the only one that makes them based on your individual taste. Other sites recommend products based upon your similarity to other people’s past behavior (collaborative filtering). Our process of learning your preferences directly is far more effective than simply lumping you in with “similar” people.

We connect you: StyleMates are people that have similar taste to yours in a particular category. To see what your StyleMates have selected, click on a product that you like and then click “wishlist” below the image. After you register, your StyleMates’ picks will appear in the right-hand side of your search results. You can also click on the StyleMates tab at the top of the page and see all of your StyleMates in different categories.

Who we are: StylePath is a Boston-based company founded by designer David Hornstein. The seeds of Hornstein’s idea were planted while trying to grasp a deeper understanding of his clients’ aesthetic sensibilities. Through collaboration with double-PhD professor Dr. Dan Ariely from MIT, Hornstein’s initial artificial intelligence-based concept evolved into a way to leverage the web’s vast selection to match each individual’s taste. Hornstein received patent #7,228,283 for his invention, with two other patents pending.

We can be contacted at:

StylePath Inc.
10 Beaver Pond Road
Lincoln, MA  01773
781 259 1221