Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Art Deco Meets the Modern Bath

Art deco style finds its roots in Paris in the first ten or so years of the 20th century, where it began to spread its influence across Europe and the United States. It’s known for its artsy and eclectic influences in fashion, art, interior design and architecture throughout the 1920s and 30s. Eclecticly-speaking, the Art Deco movement drew its roots from many different styles such as Modernism, Cubism and Neoclassical.

The classic art deco style in interiors is represented by: geometric and angular shapes; chrome, brass, etched glass and mirrors; nature motifs of shells, sunrises and flowers; female figures. With a resurgent interest in the style, many of the elements above can be found in homes today.

If you would like to add an art deco flair to your own home, why not start simply in the bath with bathroom light fixtures that mimic the style. The three wall sconces below would go perfectly in a half bath or powder room on either side of a beveled cut mirror.

Nikko Series Access Vanity Lighting

Nikko Series Access Vanity Lighting in Chrome and Opaque Glass

Arches Collection Polished Chrome Wall Sconce

Arches Collection Bathroom Wall Sconce

Frosted Wall Sconce

Frosted Glass Wall Sconce

Interesting Fact: Shining examples of Art Deco style can be seen in New York City in the landmark Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.


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