Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Sterling Silver Necklaces with Heart

You can’t help but notice the in-your-face jewelry trend this season. It’s really obvious. From the Paris catwalks to the sidewalks of Middle America, women are creating an impact with big necklaces, lots of low slung chain necklaces, and huge diamond pendants set in shiny metals.

After much debate, we decided we kind of like the trend after all, so we’re ready to embrace our inner bigness and get in on the fun. We think everyone should have a big heart, so here are three sterling silver necklaces and pendants each resplendent with a big heart shaped stone.

If it’s big, bold and beautiful,  then it’s in.  What do you think of this trend? What are you wearing this season?

Large Pink Amethyst Pendant

Large Pink Amethyst & Multi-hued Sapphire in Heart Shaped Pendant

Large Blue Quart Heart Pendant

Large Blue Quartz & Diamonds Heart Shaped Pendant set in 18k White Gold

Black Diamond Heart Pendant

Black Diamond Heart Shaped Pendant in 18k White Gold


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