Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorative Bowls Showcase Specialty Woods

So"The Mountain" by Daeng Thanunchai me of today's most sought-after decorative bowls are fashioned by hand from wood like bamboo, albesia and mango. Many wooden bowls arecarved, then decorated with paint, batik or lacquering techniques. Artisans turn humble woods and other materials into true works of art.

The lacquered bamboo centerpiece called "The Mountain" by Daeng Thanunchai for Novica is made of coiled bamboo basketry carved into its desired shape. Exotic materials like a lacquer from the Gluta usitata tree mixed with ashes of burnt rice paddy husks are laboriously applied layer upon layer by hand.

These one of a kind decorative bowls can be stunning in display shelves or on tabletops. They are often filled with other decorative objects, but truly stand beautifully on their own.

Many of these vessels are food for use with food. However, some like "The Mountain" are for decorative purposes only. Actually, having only one purpose is quite enough when an object can bring artistic beauty and design into a living space.

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over 5 years ago, Rafi said

This can cause productivity pmoblers and increase stress in some individuals. One thing to do, find a nice window size poster of a photograph of an outdoor scene like a flower garden with depth and sky in it. Proportionate to how it would be if you looked out the window at a real garden. I would then put a nice window style frame on it,and put on the wall. Hang a curtain rod about 5 inches above it, wide enough to extend about a foot beyond each end of the width of the poster. Get two curtain panels and valance, that compliment the office and photo,solid color, and make sure the valance covers enough of the top to make it look like a window and the panels cover the sides as well. Having it a little wider than the poster gives the illusion of a bigger window. If a file cabinet or bookcase is under the poster, put a couple of plants on it ,as this will enhance the outdoor feel of the picture and bring the outdoor feel inside. To increase the reality of the look, use an old multipaned window fame, cut to the right size and sanded and painted to look nice in your office,and put backing on the poster,and mount it right over the poster so it looks more like you’re looking out a window. Another way, is to get a paper wall mural and cover the wall you face the most with it. It can be a mountain scene or seaside village. something open and airy. You can look up from time to time and feel like you are there. If you do this, put a fake potted tree in front of one side and it looks like foreground in the scene. Putting a hidden small fan by the scene and from time to time put it on and you have the illusion of a breeze from an open window. But first and foremost ask permission before doing anything. Tell them why , explain what you had in your last office and that it had enhanced your productivity, and that you would like to bring that high productivity to the job ,and want to ensure that you can give them your best work, in every way possible. I’m sure if it doesn’t damage anything and you are willing to foot the bill, they would be agreeable. If not, hang groupings of outdoor shots you have taken ,and it will feel more homey and comforting and take away that boxed in feeling. Or if all else fails and you don’t like the look hang a nice looking big mirror on the wall this will give you an instantly open look and make the room seem bigger. some even have a paned window frame over them and if spaced about a foot and a half apart, can look like two windows on a wall. Put an artificial potted tree between the two mirrors or a cabinet with a plant on it between them. I hope this gives you some options.

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