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Once the major essential components of a room are in place, it’s time for the fun to begin. Choosing decorative objects for the tabletop (any flat surface) is where you can let your imagination run wild. And you won’t be constrained by budget, what with great choices that include gorgeous, but pricey, designer pieces and more affordable, yet beautiful decorative pieces.

From crystal to sculpted exotic wood and art glass bowls, there are hundreds decorative bowls to catch your eye and hold your attention. Don’t forget to check out the amazing metal and pottery designs. Clear or colorful, handcrafted, molded or blown, the array of these decorative bowls will make you shake your head in disbelief.
Decorative vases are not taking a back seat to other decorative accessories, especially bowls, with even more choices. Here again your find clear sparkling crystal and colorful hand blown pieces. The fantastical multi-color designs are unbelievable in pure brilliant shades of red, blue, green and yellow. From gorgeous antique looks to modern art vases, there’s a vase for every tabletop space.

A beautiful hand painted set of two inspired by Miro’s visionary style is just one of artistic designs that you’ll find in StylePath’s collection candleholders. Short or tall, in just about any material, from glass and pottery, to metal and wrought iron, these tabletop accessories are both functional and decorative.

Desk and mantle clocks are also another great option when choosing tabletop home décor. Select from lovely designs in wooden clocks, ornate styles, whimsical and fun themed timepieces. From classic traditional to cool sleek contemporary looks, there’s a mantle or desk clock just waiting for you.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artistic Halogen Desk Lamps


Artistic Halogen Desk LampsWhen you're looking for the absolutely perfect lamp among the many beautiful modern desk lamps think outside the box. Your special light may be found among the halogen desk lamps that are part desk lamp and part exciting art. The Lite Source Dancer Collection Blue Desk Lamp is one example of what you'll find in StylePath's lighting collection.

It's easy to see why the Blue Desk Lamp is part of the Dancer Collection. Sleek and modern, with a curvy center stem in polished steel finish that holds two blue glass shades, this lamp would be beautiful on a glam mirrored desk or dressing table. A beautiful light for any woman's modern bedroom.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Rainbow Collection of Crystal Bowls


Kosta Boda Tellus Collection by Anna Ehrner

Long associated with wedding gifts, crystal bowls come in styles from vintage traditional designs to super contemporary shapes and colors. Both beautiful and functional crystal serving bowls stand on their own as decorative accessories or bring sparkle to the dinner table.

The Kosta Boda Tellus Collection by Anna Ehrner offers dramatic crystal bowls in a rainbow of colors. The Kosta Boda Crystal Bowl, Tellus Blue Large is shown here. You'll find these beautiful contemporary minimalist shaped bowls in a wide range of sizes in speckled shades of black, fiery red, frosty white and crisp green in addition to this royal ocean blue.

The Tellus designs take crystal bowls way beyond the obligatory wedding gift category.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorative Bowls Showcase Specialty Woods

So"The Mountain" by Daeng Thanunchai me of today's most sought-after decorative bowls are fashioned by hand from wood like bamboo, albesia and mango. Many wooden bowls arecarved, then decorated with paint, batik or lacquering techniques. Artisans turn humble woods and other materials into true works of art.

The lacquered bamboo centerpiece called "The Mountain" by Daeng Thanunchai for Novica is made of coiled bamboo basketry carved into its desired shape. Exotic materials like a lacquer from the Gluta usitata tree mixed with ashes of burnt rice paddy husks are laboriously applied layer upon layer by hand.

These one of a kind decorative bowls can be stunning in display shelves or on tabletops. They are often filled with other decorative objects, but truly stand beautifully on their own.

Many of these vessels are food for use with food. However, some like "The Mountain" are for decorative purposes only. Actually, having only one purpose is quite enough when an object can bring artistic beauty and design into a living space.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Deruta Decorative Bowl Collection

Deruta Collection Ceramic Bowl

Pottery may have roots in the most ancient rudimentary cultures, but in some places in the world, over centuries and through generations, it has been elevated to a true art form. Deruta, a little village nestled into an Italian hillside, is known for its master craftspeople who create Renaissance patterned colorfully hued decorative bowls.

Each of the ceramic bowls that make its way out of the village via  Arte D’Italia Imports, are unique and none two are alike. The Deruta Collection features its crowning jewel, the Raffaellesco Shallow bowl. The artwork on these decorative pieces dates back countless generations with many craftspeople handing down the trade from generation to generation.

The Shallow bowl is food and dishwasher safe, but also perfect as a decorative item in the kitchen or dining room.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mantel Clocks Make Great Gifts

Need a gift for a birthday, graduation or anniversary? Decorative clocks are always a great choice, especially when you can choose one to fit the recipient’s personality. If you’ve ever been shopping, came across a particular item and said to yourself, “That looks just like so and so!” You’ll have the same reaction when you take a look at our desk and mantle clocks selection.

Casa Cristina Scrolled Metal Desktop Clock

Accent clocks like the Casa Cristina Scrolled Metal Desktop Clock from Clock Style are full of personality. This one was designed with the popular Latina talk show host, Cristina Saralegui in mind for her CBK Casa Cristina home accessories collection. Cristiana has a vibrant personality which is evidenced through her flair and style on her show “The Cristina Show.” 

Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Finds: Andy Garcia Havana Home Redux

Earlier in the week, we featured "The Men of Hollywood" in stylish interiors which included the Havana-inspired home of the very dashing Cuban-American actor Andy Garcia. Susi was inspired by a photo of Mr. Garcia in his living room (who wouldn’t be?), so she recreated the 20s and 30s style Key Biscayne living room from StylePath finds. I think she nailed it, all of her picks would create a rich and warm living room you'd want to curl up and spend hours in.


Andy Garcia Havana Inspired Miami Home

Andy Garcia Havana-inspired Miami Mansion (Credit)

Ashley Modern Swivel Chair


Tivoli Wingback Upholstered Chair

Sideboard 9 Drawer

High Fashion Home 9 Drawer Sideboard

Waterford Sheridan Bowl

Waterford Sheridan Bowl

Jenny Loveseat

Jenny Loveseat

Jenny Ottoman Bull Natural

Jenny Ottoman Bull Natural

Tropical Print Square Pillow

Tropical Print Square Pillow

Klaussner Winchester Coffee Table

Klaussner Furniture Winchester Coffee Table

Standing Candleholder

Standing Candleholder

Myron Twist Table Lamp

Myron Twist Table Lamp

Mariol Portico Ceiling Fan

Mariol Portico Ceiling Fan

Timbermist Oak Table

Timbermist Oak Table

Marla Dining Chair

Marla Dining Chair

Asiana On Light Wall Sconce

Asiana One Light Wall Sconce

Old World Classics Mamluken Rug

Old World Classics Mamluken Rug


Andy Garcia in Oceans Twelve

We love Susi's "Friday Finds" absolutely, but we'll give you one more peek at Mr. Garcia to start your weekend off right ;) Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bowl Me Over

Forty year-old, Czech-born Pavel Hanousek has a thing for hot stuff—hot molten glass that is. When he gets in the mood to play with fire and sand the result is an eclectic array of original art glass like the Twin Time Bowl below. This hand-blown decorative glass bowl is a swirl of color in amber, purple and red.

Handblown glass

His art glass studio, Fusion Z, located in Healdsburg, California, fuses American and European design with the European glass-blowing techniques of master craftsmen. Chip Scarborough, Tony Evans, Jiri Pacinek and Igor Muller join Hanousek to make up the Fusion Z family.

The rest of the collection includes vases, bowls, perfume bottles, sculptures and other random, but beautiful, glass objects. All pieces are signed by their respective designers, numbered and available in limited editions only. So get’ em while you can.

The Europeans must have a corner on the glass-blowing bowl market. Nuvo Designs brings you this lovely Murano glass bowl which is created and signed by a European glass artist. No bowl or glass vase is the same and have unique form and color combinations.

Murano handblown glass bowl

Random Fact: Glassblowing is a technique used to inflate molten glass into a bubble aided by blowpipe or blow tube. This technique was discovered by the Phoenicians around 50 BC. The earliest artifacts of glassblowing were found in Jerusalem and date from as early as 4 BC. Now that’s old!

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