Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Heart Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows make me happy. I love them in all shapes and sizes, fabrics and textures. I love them with decorative fringe and tassels and big buttons and ruffles. I love modern pillows with graphic designs and traditional pillows with classic patterns. They are hands down my favorite home décor accessory. I could have 25 on my bed and I would still be on the lookout for just one more perfect one. Five is the perfect number of sofa pillows to use in the living room. Accent pillows are so versatile you can put striped ones with floral ones and they look charming together and can be used in any room. Floor cushions, yes they’re pillows too, are great for lounging in front of the fire or to give the kids a comfortable spot to watch TV.

Do you love pillows too? What are some of your favorites? I went hunting on StylePath for pillows and this what I found…I'll take one of each.

three sheets 2 the wind Plant Forms Rectangle Pillow

Three Sheets 2 the Wind Plant Forms Rectangle Pillow

Edie Roberts Taj Mahal

Edie Roberts Taj Mahal 

Strasse Pillow By Artist Drew Khan

Strasse Pillow By Artist Drew Khan


Set of Two Button Pillows

Pewter Sheer on Mattelasse Pillow

Pewter Sheer on Mattelasse Pillow

Fuchsia Printed Ganesh

Fuchsia Printed Ganesh

Natori Embroidered Dragon Decorative Silk Pillow

Natori Embroidered Dragon Decorative Silk Pillow

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