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Oxford Garden Wood Backless BenchOxford Garden Wood Backless Bench

Oxford Garden Wood Backless Bench


Additional information:2-foot bench measures 23L x 18.75W x 17.25H inches4-foot bench measures 48.5L x 18.75W x 17.5H inches5-foot bench measures 59.25L x 18W x 17.25H inches2-foot bench weight capacity: 220 lbs.4-foot bench weight capacity: 440 lbs.5-foot bench weight capacity: 550 lbs. Boasting clean lines and a classic design, the Oxford Garden Wood Backless Bench is designed to add a bit of enchantment to any garden. Made of high-quality and durable shorea wood (a member of the teak family), the rails forming the seat are strong and will look great year after year. They are contoured for extreme comfort and attractive looks. Proper spacing lets water drain away, keeping warping to a minimum. Stain or treat as desired, or let it weather to a handsome, rustic silver patina. Available in 2-foot, 4-foot, and 5-foot sizes, the Oxford Garden Backless Garden Bench is a wonderful way to spend time in the one place you enjoy most. Shorea Wood: An Eco-Friendly Choice Like teak, it's more expensive counterpart, Shorea is a high-quality hardwood praised not only for its looks, but also for its longevity and resistance to decay. Shorea is hard and dense, like teak. In fact, it possesses an even tighter wood grain, making it heavier, denser, and harder than teak, and both woods are extremely resistant to decay. Shorea wood contains a comparatively high oil content, which not only enhances its defenses against the ravages of time and changing climate, but also against destructive insect infestations. So if teak and Shorea are so similar, why does teak cost up to twice as much? Shorea's lower cost can be attributed to its abundance compared to teak's rarity. This abundance of supply is also what makes Shorea a green choice. Shorea wood is carefully regulated. Only mature trees can be legally harvested. This ensures a steady supply of Shorea wood, while also protecting irreplaceable forests. Bec