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Skagerak Lido Deck Chair, TeakSkagerak Lido Deck Chair, Teak

Skagerak Lido Deck Chair, Teak

Skagerak Denmark


Lido's elegant, supple style makes it a little piece of sculpture in its own right. At the same time, it is comfortable, weather-resistant and very useful outdoors and indoors. Teak is the best type of wood for garden furniture. This wood is strong, stable and very easy to work with. At the same time, teak has a uniquely high content of natural, impregnating oils that give it the capacity to resist rot and mould. Accordingly, quality teak furniture can be used outdoors all year round with no treatment required other than regular cleaning. If you want to preserve the beautiful colour interplay and dark tones, you need to apply oil to the furniture. The fabric is made of Texteline, a weather-resistant, dimensionally stable synthetic material. This ensures that the chair retains its beautiful shape even after many years of use. The Lido ships fully assembled. It ships via small package (such as UPS). Skagerak Denmark continuously endeavours to provide the highest quality possible throughout the value chain. Accordingly, quality also involves an environmentally responsible manufacturing process based on sustainable, renewable resources and - just as importantly - respecting the people who in one way or another are affected by the manufacture of our products. Environmental responsibility deals with more than just the use of sustainable resources. It also entails the service life of our products. When you choose a quality product in a design you like, it will last many years - in terms of both its functionality and its aesthetic qualities. As a result, you minimise the environmental impact of the extraction of raw materials, manufacture and transport. Whether a set of furniture lasts twenty years or has to be replaced four or five times during the course of twenty years makes a big difference - also in terms of the environment